Wine freedom is where wine comes to life.

It is a space where wine and people are free to meet. And it’s a platform that promotes the freedom of choice, where you can find wine that best suits you rather than a bottle someone else wants you to have.

Wine is not just something that sits on a shelf, it’s more a story waiting to be enjoyed. Having Freedom in our name allows us to do things a bit differently but one thing will always remain the same, our goal to match the best wine to all types of people.

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Flight of Fancy

At Wine Freedom, we want to give you a choice that best suits your tastes rather than someone else‘s. To help introduce you to the best wine, ¬†we have taken some of the guess-work out by creating our own ‘stamp of approval’. All our wines have met the strict Wine Freedom criteria, but some still deserve special mention:

  • Green for go and buy more
    Punches above its weight, without the cost pulling it down. It’s a crowd pleaser in all respects.
  • Red for stop and take notice
    A must-have, that soars above the rest. It’s a leading light amongst its peers, and a class act that speaks for itself.
  • The Golden Goose
    A benchmark wine that keeps on giving. An accolade not given lightly and one that will reward its keeper. It’s a tale that has a happy ending.
Wine Freedom.