Campo Maccione Morellino Di Scansano 2019


Another absolute bargain here.  Based on what was the previous price, this turns out to be delightful Italian Vino.

Sangiovese 90%, Cabernet 10%.

Campomaccione is a wine that is created in the estate of the same name, and is the expression of the Zingarelli family’s desire to explore an area where the winemaking tradition has truly ancient origins. In 1998, driven by a far-sighted entrepreneurial philosophy, Sergio Zingarelli purchased an 80-hectare estate in order to cultivate Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah grapes – the estate in question now boasts modern planting patterns with 6000 plants per hectare.

The dry, hilly soils, together with the warm, drought-prone climate, favor the effective maturation of the grapes, whereas the brackish sea air is essential for the development of the specific aromatic characteristics that are transferred from the grapes to the wine. With this wine, as with others, the common thread linking up the activities of the winery is Sangiovese, on which Rocca bases its foundations and which, in this part of the world, demonstrates new characteristics that are different from those expressed in the Chianti Classico zone. Winery

Elsewhere $29.99.