Giordano d'Asti Barbera Superiore 2017

Luca Maroni 98/100  

This wine makes so much sense as it has the ripeness and juiciness we need but retains the authenticity of the Barbera grape and it's area.  A wine for all occasions (as long as you have a cork screw), that is priced well below other examples currently on our shores. 

"Made from 100% Barbera grapes, Barbera d'Asti DOCG Superiore is born only when the conditions for harvest and vinification are perfect. Thanks to the good summer of 2016, hot and breezy, the grapes ripened to perfection, albeit with a lower yield than in other vintages. A quantitatively lower production, but qualitatively excellent. After harvesting at the end of September, we proceed with the vinification and a slow period of aging in wood. Before being bottled, the wine is tasted by a commission of specialized technicians. The opinion of these experts is fundamental: does wine deserve the title of Superiore? Only if the answer is positive does it proceed to bottling and the attribution of the wording on the label." Winery 

"The subtle tannins and the evocative reference to red fruits, typical of the varietal, make it a daily wonder imbued with an expressive territorial lineage, with grace and finesse of incomparable, expressive aromatic breadth". Pleasantness index : 98/100, Luca Maroni