Les 3 Petits Cochons Rose 2020


A wonderful French rose that is a bit different as it is made from Tannat by Château Aydie in Madiran.  

No huffing, no puffing, just great drinking. Invite the wolf in for a glass or two!

The wine, however, is far from frivolous. It is pressed in the vineyard to ensure a light colour and elegant body. There is a distinct whiff of wild strawberry on the nose which is echoed on the palate. The texture is both vibrant and slightly creamy underpinned by a sense of gently crushed grapes which sustain the flavour. There’s a core of concentrated fruit, and a hint of tannin. A fantastic alternative to Provence. 

We have been given a good price on this so its time to put on the heating, sit back and relive a nursery rhyme.