Martín Códax Alba Martín Albariño 2019


5 Stars Michael Cooper.

Albarino from its home. This is screaming for seafood.

"Founded in 1986, Martin Codax is a specialist in estate grown Albarino. Located to the north of Rias Biaxas in Galicia, it is unlike any other wine growing region in Spain. It is greener and cooler, the vineyards are situated along the Atlantic coast, exposed to the salt from the sea. In this climate the native Albarino variety thrives, thicker skinned with higher levels of sugar and acidity, these white wines are both lively and refreshing, just like the landscape around them. The success of Albarino in this region dates as far back to Roman times, who were the first to recognise the potential of Galicia for winemaking. This was continued and improved upon with the arrival of Cistercian Monks in the 12th Century. In 1988 Albarino in Galicia was recognized with a D.O.C classification (Denomination of Origin). 

"Alba Martín is a reflection of its land, The Salnés Valley. High aromatic intensity with citrus, floral and lactic notes, and pear. It has salinity and a complex and elegant aromatic profile. On the palate it is very smooth and fruity." Winery

"From Galicia, in Spain's north-west, this vigorous, medium-bodied wine is full of personality. Vibrantly fruity, it has strong peachy flavours, a slightly salty streak and a dry, lasting finish. Delicious now 5 Stars Michael Cooper