The $250 perfect proposal pack (6 bottles) 

8.0 kg

If you had one chance at a 6pk selection and $250 in your pocket this is the pack you would bring to the table.  

This bespoke 6pk of wines has been created to provide the recipient a smooth ride to joy.  Specifically selected styles that will suit any Christmas gathering, pre Christmas gathering, gift or wine rack. It is a true tour de force of celebration. Champagne, high end Chardonnay, aromatic, an outstanding Central Pinot Noir, prestige full-bodied red and a bottle of Port.

You also could be Santa if you turned up to a gathering with this little box of gems. 

6pk includes...

1 x Champagne NV, 1 x Premium white aromatic, 1 x Premium Chardonnay, 1 x Central Otago Pinot Noir, 1 x Premium full-bodied Red and 1 x Port.

Just push the button and we can put this selection aside, send it for you or someone else. Perfectly made for any celebratory platform.