The $240 Festive box of twelve...

15.0 kg

The ultimate adult advent calender and festive gift.

We make up a dozen bottles that we see as great buys for $240.00.  The wine styles are shown below. All you need to do is click buy and the next minute a case of wine turns up at your door or the recipients address.

This specific selection is aligned more towards the festive season so it covers all the wine tastes for you to share as well as explore during festive times.  This takes away the complexity of having to choose a selection and it also gives you the opportunity to gift a case to someone also.

Things to note...

There are no lame ducks in the selection as all the wines stand tall and alone if needed. None of this lead with 4 great wines that are followed by 8 mediocre ones.  We have a reputation to keep and promote so every single bottle we put in a box our business stands alongside it.

No flash cartons as we like to always re-use cartons from other wines.

Unfortunately we cannot alter the mix but rest assured it has been put together to satisfy as many tastes as we can especially if you gift it.

The 12 wine styles that make up the case...

Bubbly, Pinot Gris, off-dry Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, alternative white, Chardonnay, sweet wine, Rose, Pinot Noir, soft red, Shiraz and something red but different.

Hopefully you enjoy this as much as we enjoy putting them together.