Astrolabe Spatlese Grove Town Riesling 2022


This has become a firm favorite for us.  It is light on it's feet but retains a position of authenticity and class.  A medium Riesling with a full flavour.

"I have chosen to stop the fermentation while the alcohol is low and when I thought the sugar and acid were in perfect balance. I am referencing a little the classic European style of riesling from Germany and trying to showcase how different combinations of sugar, acid and alcohol can work in different balances, provided they are complimentary. I have retained a reasonable amount of natural sugar but left it in balance with the very bright acid structure. This is an aromatic, fruity wine where the sugar is held in tension by a crisp acidity. The lush flavours of this wine will be further enhanced by toasty, honeyed bottle development with cellaring." Winemaker

You will love this at brunch, lunch and dinner.  You will love it here, there and everywhere. We also love the price.