Villa Wolf Pinot Blanc Pfalz 2021


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One of the more exciting commercial offerings we have seen.  

This aromatic wine from Villa Wolf that is owned and guided by the great Dr Loosen.  We sold the 2020 recently and received an amazing response.  The rest of NZ also found out about this wine and it quickly sold out.  Now we have the 2021 and we look forward to you enjoying it as much as will have selling it.  

"The goal at Villa Wolf is to produce wines that express the pure, authentic terroir of the Pfalz. This medium-bodied dry wine is complex, and off dry, with just the right amount of acidity creating a great balance. It is light and fruity enough to enjoy on its own but also pairs well with food." Winery

Fresh aroma of apples and apricots with a hint of sage. The wine is concentrated and elegant on the palate and the finish has excellent length.