Bastioni della Rocca Leggero Appassimento 2020


It's back!!!

98/100 Luca Maroni

"Ruby red with orange reflections. Intense and complex with notes of ripe fruit and spices. Dry wine with good texture and supple tannins. Perfect with spicy pasta, red meat and mature cheeses." 

We have ben trying to track this wine for some time and now its with us. Full-bodied wines of this nature and from Italy are very popular so the Bastioni is a wine you must try. 

80% Negroamaro, 20% Primitivo makes for a charming and rewarding encounter. It looks the part but the tastes leaves the lasting impression. The appassimento element (Appassimento is the Italian word for 'withering', which gives a clue to how these wines are made. The grapes are dried after harvest, laid on racks in airy warehouses where they gently shrivel during the winter months, concentrating the sugars and the flavour compounds.), adds to the texture and drive of the wine.  

A very attractive proposition.